What is the Silver Sneaker Program?

The lesson you will learn all your life from all the health experts and anyone who is sincere to is to stay fit and healthy. Especially when you enter the late years of your life, you get to understand how important it is to stay in shape and healthy to overcome the attacking diseases and challenges of this life.

Medicare wants you to stay healthy and fit all the time and it has devised a special program for the elderly to stay fit and active and this program is named as the Silver Sneakers. The silver sneakers is the program that helps the beneficiaries to avail a big number of gyms nationwide and also the fitness classes taking place in your communities. This helps the people stay in shape and stay healthy throughout the span or life and eventually push that old and retired look a couple of years back.

So the next question that would come into your mind, once you have decided to get into the Silver Sneakers Program is whether Medicare pays for your program or not? Medicare does not solely pay for your Silver Sneakers program in the Part A, Part B or Part D of the program, rather it comes as a membership for the Part C and many of supplement plans. All you have to do is to pay for the premium programs and avail getting a part of any of the gyms that are the members of the Medicare plans.

If you have the United Healthcare Silver Sneakers 2018, you have the facility to enjoy any of the gyms and their equipment to stay fit and active all the time. You can make use of the amenities such as weights, hot tubs, saunas, pools and cardio machines to get a fit body. Other than gym, you have the facility to enter any of the 70 fitness and aerobics classes to stay healthy.

Now you might wonder, how you can get the Silver Sneakers Program. To get enrolled in this program or any other of the Medigap plans, all you have to do is to give us a call and our representatives will tell you about the most suitable plan along the one that offers the Silver Sneakers membership as well. You can get the quote and all the details of the program from the representative or the website easily.


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