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The primary asset of any organization is its employees. As a result, an organization must ensure the safety and wellbeing of its workers. During the pandemic, the government made it compulsory for organizations to have health insurance in place for their employees 👩‍💼. ESI (Employee State Insurance), the largest social security scheme in India, provides medical, sickness, and injury 🤕 benefits during employment to crores of Indians and their dependents.

Employers must register at the ESIC portal to access these benefits. By using the ESIC employee login portal, employees can also check their ESI registration details.

In this article, we explore all the prerequisites needed for ESIC registration and the steps and documents needed for the ESIC employee portal login.

ESIC: Who needs to register?

According to Section 2(12) of the ESI Act, if non-seasonal factors or establishments have 10 or more employees (in some states up to 20) in their workforce, they are required to register in the Act. Shops, restaurants, hotels 🏨, cinemas, and motor transport companies may fall under this category. It is a user-friendly portal for employers to offer group medical insurance benefits to their employees. However, If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact their helpline. To qualify for the scheme, the employee must earn a salary 💵 of no more than Rs21,000 per month. For employees with disabilities, the wage limit increases to Rs25,000 per month.

Specified establishments must register within 15 days of the Act becoming applicable to them. The registration process can be easily completed online at Upon registration, employers receive a 17-digit code and ESIC certificates by email. In case the employer has more than one branch in India, they do not need to create a separate code for each branch. In those cases, if the branches do not fall under the jurisdiction of the head office’s regional or sub-regional offices, then the owner will have to generate the sub-codes for them.

Once the employee is registered by the employer, they can access all ESIC benefits and services by accessing the ESIC employee login portal. This portal is accessible in both Hindi and English.

Documents required for registration at the ESIC portal

While registering on the ESIC, the employers need to submit the following documents :

  • Constitution of firms/ factory/ establishment
  • List of directors, partners, and their addresses
  • Copy of the PAN card
  • Proof of Address.

What are the services offered by the ESIC portal?

This ESIC portal has been designed by the government to make it convenient for both employers and employees to access the scheme conveniently. It offers several services, including:

  • Registration of employees and employers
  • The E-Pehchan Card
  • Online payment of employer’s contribution
  • Downloading of the contribution challans
  • Issuance of Temporary Identification card
  • Lodging grievances and their redressal
  • Facilitating medical care at the hospitals

How to operate the ESIC employee login portal?

Since ESIC is a self-financing scheme, both employers and employees need to contribute a certain percentage of their wages to it. As per revised rates, employers need to contribute 3.25% while the employees need to contribute 0.75% of their wages. Employees can also access their ESIC employee login portal to find out how much they have contributed. Here are the steps employees must follow to do so.

  1. The first step is for employers to register 💻 themselves at After that, they need to provide the essential information about their employees, such as their family 👪 members, addresses, photographs, and the clinic details for medical treatment they are receiving or expect to receive. If employers encounter any difficulties while registering, they can contact the ESIC helpdesk at
  2. After the employer has completed all the registration processes, such employees are known as insured persons. Employees are issued an insurance number during registration. Every employee has a unique ID that they can use for signing in to the ESI employee login portal.
  3. First, the employees are issued a Temporary Identity Card(TIC) which is valid for three months. Within this time, they need to apply and obtain a Pehchaan Card. This card enables the individual to avail of ESI benefits at specified hospitals and clinics. The unique ESI or insurance number is mentioned on this card.
  4. After that, employees need to go to the link
  5. Go to the “Insured person login” section and click on it. The employee will be redirected to an external link.
  6. Employees need to fill out a “User number” in that link. The insurance number received by the employee after registration by the employer is the User number.
  7. Next, employees need to enter the Captcha shown on the page and click submit.
  8. On the following page, the employee can find out how much their employer and they have contributed to the ESI scheme. The employee will also be able to see any updates and benefits they are entitled to and can claim. In addition, the employees can also see the medical rates available to them and their family members.
  9. If an employee wants to download their Pehchaan card, then they should go to the “Employee section” on the official ESIC website and click on “e-pehchan card”.

In a nutshell

As a result of reading the above article, you will have a better understanding of the ESIC employee login portal and how to access it to view your benefits. It is a user-friendly portal for employers to offer group medical benefits to their employees. However, If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact their helpline.

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