How to Increase the Mileage of Your Two-Wheeler?


If your two wheeler is not giving good mileage, do not start panicking and jump to conclusions. First, look to improve the mileage by following some healthy practices. Take a look at this article to know how to care for your vehicle in order to get a higher mileage out of it.

Tips to increase your two wheeler’s mileage

Listed below are some handy tips you can use to get a better mileage from your bike:

  • On-time servicing: This is absolutely essential. You need to get your bike serviced on time and regularly. If your bike goes without servicing for a long time, its internal and external parts will begin to suffer. This will weigh down the vehicle and the mileage will gradually reduce. To avoid this, get the servicing done as and when needed. This apart, servicing keeps your bike in good shape and you don’t end up making too many repairs.
  • Tuning: The carburetor is an essential component of your bike. Even after servicing if you find the mileage is disappointing, tune the carburetor. A properly tuned carburetor has dramatic impacts on your mileage. Also, make sure the general tuning of your bike is also taken care of.
  • Checking the tires: The tires also play a role in determining the mileage of your bike. If the tires are old or have less air, they will cause more friction. This will make the mileage go down. So, ensure the tires of your bike are in a good and working condition at all times.
  • Filling the best fuel: Your bike is precious to you. Always look to fill the highest quality fuel. This will keep the bike in great shape and help fetch a high mileage too.
  • Riding properly: When riding your bike, avoid rapid accelerations and sudden brakes. This may push your adrenaline high, but it will pull your mileage down.
  • Driving at a steady speed: If possible, avoid roads with bad traffic. If you need to alter your driving pace every few minutes, your vehicle will use more fuel and you will get a poor mileage. Try to look for roads with less traffic.
  • Switching off when not needed: This is a healthy practice every bike owner should practice. Switch off the ignition when waiting at a traffic signal or waiting otherwise. Keeping your engine on and waiting at one spot wastes fuel. So, start this habit and see some very positive results very soon.

Keep all the points mentioned above in mind. You will then see your bike’s mileage increase. If the vehicle is cared for and the rider is disciplined, the bike will definitely give a high mileage. So, go ahead and give these tips a try right away.

Online Two-wheeler Insurance 

Earlier, the two-wheeler insurance industry was were traditional in nature. However, due to digitization, the online two-wheeler insurance industry has modernized and become customer friendly. Now, you can purchase two-wheeler insurance online in a matter of minutes.

It is important to research before you buy two-wheeler insurance online. Speak to friends and family and check online reviews, and only then go for online two-wheeler insurance. Speak to the insurance company’s executive before you buy two-wheeler insurance.

Many people consider bike insurance as an unnecessary expense. However, to think of it, it is a way to minimize financial losses. The above-mentioned tips will help you to increase your bike’s mileage and save money on fuel. Thus, people put in great efforts to maintain their bike’s mileage. In the same way, putting a little effort in buying the right two wheeler insurance cover can save you from suffering financial losses in case of a mishap.


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