Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

In the past 10 years, the number of freelancers has simply exploded and many people are pursuing freelancing work as it offers many benefits that they like. Freelancers or part-time employees are growing rapidly in the US but people seem to think that there aren’t any downsides to this kind of work.

This is because everyone is quick to focus on the benefits but they keep ignoring the negatives. Still, they can’t be neglected if you want to really find a job that will suit you.


Flexible work hours

Freelancers can choose when they work as long as they finish their projects on time. There is nobody giving them their work hours and can organize their day how they see fit.

Flexible projects

With freelancing, there are more dynamics in terms of the work you do, no matter what industry we are talking about. There will always be different projects to work on and, what’s even better, you can choose where to apply.

Working from home

Obviously, most freelancers have the luxury of working from the comforts of their home. This means no need to get into office clothes, commuting, or even getting out from your pajamas.

No earning limitations

With a full-time job, you usually have fixed earnings that can only get increased after your current contract expires, but with freelancing, you can lend several gigs that are well-paid and get that extra cash or work more to earn more.


No insurance and employee benefits

The traditional insurance and employee benefits that you get with regular employment aren’t available in freelancing. You will have to find an organization like the Melton Mcfadden insurance agency and get your own insurance.

Inconsistent earnings

It is true that with freelancing you can often make more than with a regular job, but you can also make less as there is no stable work and you are always looking for new gigs.

Not being able to network

Business networking is very important. When you are in an office setting, you constantly meet new people from your company and other companies that can potentially help you in your career. With freelancing, there are no such options.

These are some of the core pros and cons of freelancing. Look at them carefully and see whether or not this kind of work approach is right for you.

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