Why You Should Get Life Insurance Now Rather Than Waiting

You’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you, there’s a good chance that you don’t think that you need life insurance. Purchasing life insurance doesn’t mean that you are planning for an untimely death, it’s just preparing for the inevitable that may happen many years from now. A life insurance agent omaha ne can inform you of the many reasons that you should consider getting a plan now, but until then here are a few things that you should consider:

The Unexpected Does Happen

As much as we would like to not think about, the worst can happen at any time. People die every day from things like car accidents or unexpected disease. The costs for treating cancer can be devastating and don’t necessarily go away after your passing. Just the costs of final expenses can be devastating to many families.

Living Expenses

If you have children or a life partner that depends on your contributed income, life insurance can help ease the burden of your passing. Your current income and estimated expenses for your family in the future should be considered when determining the amount of coverage that you purchase. While there may be benefits such as a pension or social security that can be paid out to your survivors, this is usually just a fraction of the income that you would have been able to provide.

It’s Cheaper Now

The older you are, the higher the premium you will be paying for life insurance. As time goes on, the likelihood of you acquiring a chronic illness also increases and so will the costs of life insurance. While you may see it as an unnecessary expense, if you wait too long it might not be affordable in the future.


After you pass, you may want to leave something behind to your loved ones for them to remember you by. Even if other benefits will cover your income, a life insurance policy could ensure that the future of your children is secure. This money could be used for them to purchase a home or pay for their college education. They may even choose to use this to start their own business venture that will help provide financial security throughout their lives and the lives of your grandchildren.


As mentioned before, your loved ones could be left with debt. Beyond medical bills, things like mortgages and credit card debt should also be kept in mind. No matter the age of your passing, funeral expenses are always costly. This debt could be thousands of dollars that your loved ones just may not have to spend.

By purchasing life insurance now, you are able to acquire some peace of mind about the future of your family. We never know when it will happen and don’t like to think about it, but it’s unavoidable in the long run. The passing of a loved one is hard enough and life insurance can ease part of the burden.

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